Sun Gazing 10/3/18

38:20 About 5 minutes into Tini’s walk she came across a sand crab. It looked similar to a blue crab only not blue. Anyways Tini sells her short video clips and beautiful sunrise pictures on her website but unfortunately she had a stupified moment and forgot to catch a 30 second video of this…


Sun Gazing 9/14/18

36:50 Tini’s favorite beach to walk on was Pineda Beach next to Patrick Air Force base. She drove there every day for about a year and a half because on that run of beach tall condos or hotels did not block the western view of the clouds. This beach has a boardwalk leading to the…


Sun Gazing 8/30/18

35:10 Tini has discovered that too many days in between gazing at this long gaze is not the easiest. She is still using the laughing technique when the sun gets really strong and she has found out that the timer must be started when the sun rises not when it gets above the clouds.


Sun Gazing 7/30/18

34:30 Today Tini, reflects on her special journey…the rewards have been endless. A beautiful home, loving husband of 30 plus years, having Tini’s Mommy close by and the rewarding bond they have created, needs met when asking her angels, as little as the slight breeze to cool the body or the location of a personal…


Sun Gazing 7/04/18

33:20 Tini, walks and gazes at the same time. Yes this sounds off beat but for her its uplifting and energetic. She actually is does walking yoga exercises and singing her 4 mantras at the same time. Sometimes she walks sideways and backwards because when she’s gazing looking to the east and walking towards the…


Sun Gazing 6/6/18

31 minutes. Tini, by now is used to the cloudy days. She has taken a new strategy with the many clouds that cover the sun because she lives in the hurricane belt, it makes it challenging to have a full gaze and sometimes it would be a week or two before she gets a non-cloudy…


Sun Gazing part 5 2/19/18

20:20 gaze. By this time Tini is really starting to enjoy her walks on the beach. The HRM sun gazing article states that 45 minutes is sufficient for continued energy in the body but Tini enjoys at least 75 minutes. She walks after work, her job is wonderfully challenging but she’s getting impatient sometimes and…


Sun Gazing part 4 6/28/17

16 minutes. Tini, found out that when she stands in one place at one time for a longer period of time her back started to feel the strain, so she started taking a hot yoga class remembering how beneficial it was to the body. Bikram’s Yoga with Helena in downtown Eau Gallie, is really close…


Sun Gazing part 3 4/21/17

10 minutes 40 seconds. This was a special gaze. Tini and hubby drove to the beach, one of her favorite is Patrick. She enjoys the absence of buildings, the cleanliness of the beach and mostly its less population. Walking on the beach for Tini is a treat, however today walking doing ‘walking yoga’ with hubby…


Sun Gazing part 3 the adventure continues 2/26/17

7:30. Tini continues to sun gaze in front of her yard but the sun is slowly moving north and the neighborhood tree is getting in the way. She knows by 8 minutes she will be on the beach for the sun gazing journey’s end, which is 45 minutes. 7:40 & 7:50. The cloud cover gets…