Sun Gazing part 4 6/28/17


16 minutes. Tini, found out that when she stands in one place at one time for a longer period of time her back started to feel the strain, so she started taking a hot yoga class remembering how beneficial it was to the body. Bikram’s Yoga with Helena in downtown Eau Gallie, is really close to Tini’s home so Tini paid for a 10 class pass and started going, Its 90 plus degrees in the class which she didn’t mind, after all she was a yoga teacher, guiding her own students in class on the beach in the hot summer time. She started to gain strength through the balancing poses and enjoyed the value of detoxing the body, (after all you are sweating a lot).
17:20. Tini notices the tone in the mantra she sounds out, should she sing it loud or should she sing it softly. Is the posture she stands in correct, should she lift her chest higher, is her hands facing the sunrise correctly and is the breath deep enough? The gaze is long enough to take her time in the deep inhales and exhales. Tini is concentrating more on her breath noticing the expansion in her body as she breathes in and the release in the bodies tension as she exhales.
This sunrise is right off the river in a large empty for sale grass lot. Tini is happy she found a close by gazing point for her gazing. The beach is still 15 minutes from the house so this spot being 5 minutes away is a blessing.
The picture below is the spot were Tini did her 18:30 gaze. She visited Philadelphia, for her nephew graduation from law at UPENN. Her sister and Dad to Seth was very proud of him. Seth and Tini went all over the city and the sun set in Philly in May was around 8pm. Tini and Seth had fun on their Philly adventure but it ended at the famous art museum. Tini knew she would not have another opportunity to gaze so she decided to wait the 3 hours until the sun set. After all it was plenty of time to get in a good Yin yoga session.
19:10. Tini, has been waiting for the rain to subside patiently for a good gaze. She lives in Florida and its hurricane season. It’s been 5 days and she finally got a 7 minutes gaze in before the clouds obstructed the sun.
19:10, Tini was still happy to get some gazing time in and clouds do make an excellent picture.
19:20. It’s been two weeks and this one looks good, it does…Tini’s heart was beating loud. She recited her mantras, her smile was wide her heart enlarged and her gratitude elated just to see this amazing ball of warmth. ‘If this doesn’t give me the full gaze I will just have to do it again, no big deal.’ she said to herself but inside hoping and mentally crossing her fingers and…YESSS! THE FULL 19:20 without interruption.

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