Sun Gazing part 3 4/21/17


10 minutes 40 seconds. This was a special gaze. Tini and hubby drove to the beach, one of her favorite is Patrick. She enjoys the absence of buildings, the cleanliness of the beach and mostly its less population. Walking on the beach for Tini is a treat, however today walking doing ‘walking yoga’ with hubby and the sunrise, well that’s just what life is all about, moments like these that last a little while longer than most. The gaze is always rewarding listening to the surf crash against the earth and when the 10:40 time ended they walked hand in hand back to base camp:)
10:50. Tini was frantic looking for her timer to set it at 10:50. She can still gaze from home in the neighborhood which is a great convenience. It gives her time to plan her yoga class, prepare her taxes and edit her son’s video tape for his rehearsal wedding dinner.
11:00 Wow, it’s hard to believe she’s this far. She’s still incorporating her ganesh mantra, engaging her mula and uddiyana bandhas using pulsing action holds, (holding urinary and abdominal muscles). It’s quite a task she thought remembering all this and hold the gaze.

11 minutes 20 seconds. Lake Washington location, the wind was blowing vigorously, the temperature 67 degrees cool enough to wear a billowing sweater. Clouds were forming so Tini didn’t think she would get the full 11:20 in and she was right so after the timer went off the sun peeked through the clouds and gave her another 10 minutes of gazing without disruption. She thought it was too long of a gaze but what the hell, accomplished her timeline.
12 minutes 40 seconds. Tini’s Lake Washington location gets really crowded and noisy sometimes, so she thought she would try a different spot. There is a wall dividing two ramps for launching the boats, one is you standard boat launch and the other is a air boat launch. Which turned out to be great because no one was around and it was quieter. However at 13 minutes Tini started her time gazing just fine but during this time someone rolled up plopped the boat on the platform noisily, all while Tini gazed at the sun and did not let anything behind her take her eyes off her goal. The guy launching his boat said to Tini’s back, ‘Mam, you might want to move’, so Tini moved forward a little and after about 4 minutes of noise behind Tini again came, ‘Mam, you might want to move’, so Tini again moved forward without looking behind her. Something was slammed behind her, not detouring her from this intense gazing and WAAAM!!! the motor was that of a load propelled airplane, then the vortex of the blast was blown in her direction for about 5 seconds. Now although this was intensely loud Tini did not turn around, continued the gaze until her thirteen minutes were up. This lesson learned, Tini knew she had to find another spot.
At 13:40 Tini decided to try a spot on the other side of the Lake Washington park area. The spot was disrupted again and Tini was very pleased to find the perfect river viewing. An undeveloped piece of land that is only occupied by a few fisherman.
14:10. Tini was at a 3 days weekend workshop retreat for ‘Restorative Yoga’ with Kim Mason.
One of her Yoga Teacher Training students lived there and offered her home for our stay and Kate another YTT student, offered to drive Tini, so they carpooled to Pam’s house but Tini told Kate to keep an eye out for a field or a large body of water so she could get a long gaze in. The
15 minutes. This is the time the HRM sun gazing guideline, talks about the time we start to lose our appetite for solid foods. Not so with Tini, she still has a wanting for solid meals but she is also being honest with herself in her assessment and realizing all bodies are different. The guideline states this happens within the 3-6 months of the gazing time.
Tini visited Atlanta for her son’s wedding and during the 15 minute 40 second gaze, found it a challenge to find the right gazing point were rolling hills and tall trees were not obstructing her view. Then finally on the 3rd day she found a park that had a woodsy track around it with a field of grass 3 football fields in length, giving enough space to gaze over the top of the trees.The view surrounding her was one of peace, tranquillity and very restoring to the body.The earth was a bit rocky so Tini kept her socks on. Just before the gaze started, Tini witnessed the most amazing scene…a herd of about 8 deer crossing the path in front of her. She thought to herself this must be an everyday occurrence for the residence in the area but what a special treat for her this morning of the day of her son’s wedding, marrying the women of his dreams.

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