Sun Gazing 7/30/18


34:30 Today Tini, reflects on her special journey…the rewards have been endless. A beautiful home, loving husband of 30 plus years, having Tini’s Mommy close by and the rewarding bond they have created, needs met when asking her angels, as little as the slight breeze to cool the body or the location of a personal item missing that creates peace of mind. Tini is discovery positive ways to heal her body when it is in need of TLC time. The act of walking on the beach feeling the breeze across her face, the ocean water soothing her feet, the earth cleansing her mind. She truly feels blessed. Yes there are challenging days that question our faith in ourselves and when that happens Tini reminds herself to breathe in deep and let it all go, so instead of becoming upside down we right side up our lives. Oh does that ever open up possibilities.

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