We produce healthy living video's that make you laugh, and feel great inside with yoga, Beatrice Mess’s BM’s power habits, Edwina’s Crazy Corner (comedy) and ‘Power Radio’ show are all free for viewing throughout our site and social media platforms. Our ‘Live Walking Yoga’ podcasts, 3rd eye meditation pillow, ‘Om It’ T-Shirts, stock videos and photos are offered for a reasonable price.

Live Sunrise Beach Yoga

How would you like to make a positive change in your life... Physically, Mentally and Spiritually?

We introduce the steps to Physical, Mental and Spiritual well being through Hatha Yoga, Pranayama breath and meditation for centeredness.

As we journey through life, we experience a wide range of emotions from just living day to day. Negative stress will throw the mind and body off balance, leaving it open for sickness, unhappiness and a disconnect from ‘Divine Source’ our true self. Click for our quick intro on where to start feeling free and happy.


Can you get excited about a gentle exercise program that will put a smile on your face? ‘Live Walking Yoga,’ walks you through ways to create a positive change in your life…


You ever wanted to feel inspired, uplifted and know your in the right place at the right time. Welcome to our blog, were we take you on a journey of innovation…



We are a family company. Carmen, is this talented bundle of joy that makes our 3rd Eye Meditation Pillows, logo, and all around mother of spiritual inspiration. My husband Shane gives creatively at building props and names to products but the best of all physical and emotional support. Amanda is our third arm and leg, with her constant flow of great ideas for social media and other important business implementations. Athena is the project initiator with a strong willed determination to bring you, the absolute best we have to offer.

The SIFSG Production Team