Sun Gazing 9/14/18


36:50 Tini’s favorite beach to walk on was Pineda Beach next to Patrick Air Force base. She drove there every day for about a year and a half because on that run of beach tall condos or hotels did not block the western view of the clouds. This beach has a boardwalk leading to the bathroom with a couple of picnic tables under a pergola for shade and cover from other elements. The beach can be seen from an overlook deck area and off to the left a small warn path to the beach. The boardwalk that most would walk onto the beach is back towards the right near the parking lot. Tini took the small trail to the right for privacy, she enjoyed sunbathing and sun gazing at the same time but did not like to walk in her bikini close to people standing on the boardwalk waiting for the sun to come up with their coffee in hand, most being of male gender. Tini is a very private person. As Tini was coming back from taking her morning beach walk her worn path over the dune was blocked and as she turned to go back to her car and take another exit a man (that apparently frequented the beach) came up from her left and started accusing her of violating the turtle area for nesting which happened to be on the beach not walking over the dune. Tini was silent during this interrogation because the guy introduced himself as Eric and wanted her name. He then followed her to her van and while she was sitting recovering from an uneasy stomach thing took a picture of the back of her car wanting to get her license plate number and making a show of the whole thing. Tini at the time blew the whole thing off because of Tini keeping to herself she just figured the dude had a losey way of trying to get her attention. Tini then thought about this for awhile and decided to go back and if the idiot came at her again she would hold her ground and not be deterred from her favorite beach. The man Eric showed up again accusing her of ruining the dunes while she was washing sand off of her feet with the facility shower and again introduced himself and basically with his continuing antics about destroying the dunes brought Tini to her boiling point at which time she told him to ‘BACK OFF’ and mind his own business. Now Tini was realising she was being stalked by this shithead because he found her on youTube and subscribed to her channel which she immediately deleted but not before finding out his full name and number which he conveniently provided in his one video release advertizing a boat charter business. Tini decided this was a clear as picture sign to choose a different beach each time she walked by herself ( the crazy admires turn into stalkers). Unfortunately going back to her beach was not going to happen anytime soon.

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