Smile it feels sooo good productions was a name we created 20 years ago. The company slowly started to form in 2015. I wanted a creative outlet for my ambitions. Yoga was an up front thought but then my characters Edwina, Beatrise and Goober Mess needed an outlet as well. When it came time to name SIFSG we felt Productions fit for all our video adventure’s. Now we had to solve the question ‘how are we going to make money?’.

Our 3rd Eye Meditation pillow was an idea Carmen initiated and the design was a collaboration of both myself and Carmen. The next step was to come up with a creative name and logo for the product. From there the 3rd Eye Meditation Pillow was born. The instructional video helps show the pleasures our aromatherapy pillow has to offer and the sleeping pillow commercials offers laughter and soothing relief after purchase and use.


When wearing your ‘3rd Eye Meditation’ pillow over the eye’s just surrender to relaxation. The soft satin material is comfortable on the eyes. It relieves headaches and soothes tired eye’s. You do not have to be a yogi or enjoy yoga to receive the benefits of a great birthday, anniversary, father’s day, mother’s day or special occasion gift. Your aromatherapy lavender pillow flows gently over the eye’s to induce the feeling of peace and tranquility. Just pretend your in a spa and your non-toxic eye pillow will take you away to a calm meditative state.


Feel confident wearing your inspirational ‘OM IT’ crew neck T-Shirt. You do not have to be a yogi or even do yoga to benefit from wearing this powerful tee.

Chanting ‘OM’ is the musical rhythm of the body, mind and spirit. ‘OM’ resonate with the healing energy we send out in the world. When sung OMMM we bring about manifesting all that is good in our lives, money, family and safety. The ‘Just OM it’ T-shirt reminds us and others, that ‘When life knocks you down’, remember to ‘Just OM it’, taking the negativity out of your life. Express you fashion with this black and white design. Great for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday and a great gift idea.

Put the ‘Just OM It’ tee on and combine it with our ‘3rd Eye Meditation' pillow for a comfortable relaxing getaway in your own home.  

Professional Videos Set To Create A Mood

Do you have a video project that needs a beautiful tropical beach sunrise landscape background with seagulls soaring across the blue/ green ocean waves, with colored orange, reds yellows and purples against a clouded morning sky? Then you've come to the right website. We capture the sea as if you were on your own summer vacation on the coast walking with your bare feet in the sand in awe of the wondrous sunlit horizon opening up before you.

Photos That Capture The Perfect moment

There may be nothing more serene, more connecting than the ocean. We offer a series of professional-grade photos that capture this essence in one still frame. Whether you are looking to gain inspiration or need the perfect photo to complete your project we have what you are looking for!


I walk on the beach during the sunrise almost every day and wanted to share its beauty with the world. SIFSG Productions offers stock photos and 30 second videos of the most inspirational over the top breathtaking Sunrise moments, bringing you the peace and tranquility of the view transferred to you.

We make it easy for you to enjoy our products. Just read the informational instructions or click onto the video for a short ‘How To’.


Your walking yoga podcast is a fun entertaining listening exercise program. Your yoga instructor begins each each class with and inspiring gentle yoga walk. The yoga teacher will suggest to you healthy eating tips that you can initiate into your everyday diet. This well being lifetime fitness cardio workout will help you lose weight. Your personal online private trainer is here to bring you a new yoga class each week with each download. If your ready for a new beginners yoga aerobic workout lets get started on this beautiful mindful meditation walk together.