Sun Gazing part 3 the adventure continues 2/26/17


7:30. Tini continues to sun gaze in front of her yard but the sun is slowly moving north and the neighborhood tree is getting in the way. She knows by 8 minutes she will be on the beach for the sun gazing journey’s end, which is 45 minutes.
7:40 & 7:50. The cloud cover gets in the way and by the time the sun comes up over the clouds it’s almost too intense for this long of a gaze. Tini has to skip a day for the rain but at 7:50, she meets the sun at her Lake Washington location and catches a perfect gaze. There’s many people around, boating, having fun with wave runners and those that take time out to enjoy the sunset. By this time Tini is taking her time breathing in her ganesh mantra and breathing out her ganesh mantra of getting rid of obstacles from her path to enlightenment.

She notices how her body feels on the inhale and how relaxed she feels on the exhale. It’s almost as if she’s caressing her breath. She repeats her own mantra, I am relaxed, I feel Free, I have financial abundance and brings a smile to her face, physically representing to herself satisfaction, joy and allowing her mind body and spirit to connect with this moment in time of inner peace:)
8:00 minutes. When Tini misses the sunrise because of clouds or whether prevention, the lake Washington location is ideal for her sunset gazing. At first she wasn’t too keen on standing at the edge of the lake looking into the sunset because of the gathering of neighborsthat travel a half a mile or so in their golf carts and cars to sit and watch the sun go down and chatter the entire time. Tini likes her peace and quiet but has come to realize sun gazing, or sun gathering is a historical tradition that dates back centuries.
9:20. Tini doesn’t always hit the sun as it comes up, in this case she had to get in the gazing because of the weather days previous blocked the sun. She has discovered a little secret…when the gaze intensity increases and you have time left on the clock use laughing and rapid blinking till the timer goes off. Tini has used this three times now and it has worked like a charm.
There is a settlement of peace, uplifting reminders and action thought’s she is experiencing at this level. She’s finding patience within and notices even though the gaze is at 9:50, with the mantra singing, attention to long inhales and exhales, and bandha holding the time seems to fly by. Tini is almost disappointed the timer beeps.
10:20. The fog was thick this morning so Tini went to the Lake Washington location after work. There was a big crowd of people parked in there cars and playing near the grassy area. Tini doesn’t think they realize the significance behind they’re gathering. Even though they are off in the little world that surrounds they’re group they all come for the purpose of worshiping the sun and how good it makes them feel. She has her sandisk music player turning it up to drown of the chattering in the crowd and feels a calmness.

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