Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive

News Now brings you, the “voice” of hope, especially at a time of prejudicial discrimination against places of worship, religious beliefs, and, the different ethnic groups. SIFSG Productions expresses condolences to the victims families and congregation of the Pittsburgh Synagogue. SIFSG productions is not to be mistaken with sfg productions. We at SIFSG Productions exercise yoga teachings of well being, peaceful way of living, and, mindfulness.

I remember a time growing up where neighbors showed true friendship. They shared their differences with respect, and, they embraced each other with kindness and acceptance. There isn’t any distinction to being kind and loving to each other.

Learning to forgive and let go is an act of releasing emotional poison when we pray or meditate, we let go of anger, hurt, and pain. We breathe in the energy of life, we breathe out resentments.
In my own practice of yoga, I exercise a healthier and mindful way of living.

Love, peace and joy, are the essentials for, a society of, a peaceful world.

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