The Sounds Of Music

Sound Of Music Yoga

The large spectrum of music expands throughout the world with the sound of, celecial harmony. When we listen to the sounds of music, whether rock to Bach, our attention is turned inward to the present moment. Music fills our spirit with an energy that communicates a spiritual reverence.

I had the pleasure of attending the Space coast symphony with a chorus of talented and gifted musicians who gave “voice” to their love of music. I was enchanted by both the conductor and the orchestra in how they performed together; an energy of healing the mind and body.

SIFSG PROUCTIONS shares with you, the latest in our community affairs as well as current events. Our productions has nothing to do with the sig productions. We are a creative entity that renders positive insight into local happenings. In this segment of our production, I emphasize the importance of, taking time out from the distractions of everyday living. Yoga at home with our yoga video or simply being still in meditation bringing focus to mindfulness. Aromatherapy with lavender scent like our “3rd” Eye meditation pillow allows for a heavenly bliss relaxation. Keep in mind, your well-being and your sense of wholeness.

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