Family, A Beautiful Gift


Raising my family was a natural for me, and with the ups and downs, the nucleus is, LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY. We allow each family member to follow their dream and to be all they are meant to be, realizing their full potential.

Love is at the core of relationships, we say I’m sorry, I forgive you, and I love you. We embrace each other with kindness and the joy of being together. Love being the Divine Force that binds us together. Family can also mean, the people we meet along the way, our journey attracts the people, the events and challenges in our path. We follow our heart and search to find purpose and meaning in this life that has been given to us. Yes, family is, a “beautiful Gift “and when we say, I love you, we are saying, I am grateful and “blessed”

SIFSG Productions reminds us this holiday season, this is a time of giving the gift of self, we are the gift to one another.

Sunrise beach yoga gives us the environment to reflect and become still. The mindfulness of breath allows calmness and clarity to a busy mind and busy world. Meditation and prayer bring us to the moment of, our quiet space of “being” in the moment.