Is Sun Gazing Really Good For Me?

Is Sun Gazing Really Good For Me

Tini, wakes up most mornings now a days at 4am. She loves this time to work on her important project’s.

She’s been reading about ‘sun gazing’ for awhile and knew the best times to sun gaze is 1 hour at sunrise and 1 hour before sunset after that it is extremely dangerous. She’s been sun gazing off and on for a year but nothing in a consistent manner until today. Tini, found an article by Dr. Mercola who wrote on solar healing that talked about how the sun heals the body, mind and spirit. How, when following this recipe is precisely followed it replaces the need for cooked food allowing the body to have complete nourishment through the sun and water. How a complete peace comes over the body and how disease is replaced with a healthy energetic body.

Now skepticism set in and Tini was not too impressed, in fact she read the article and put it out of her mind for 6 months until her older brother stopped in for a special visit from Atlanta.
Tini, and her brother have a close relationship. They both are very melancholy in temperament away from each other but quite animated and fun when together and can sometimes talk for hours on a subject of interest. They had this discussion about sun gazing and Tini remembered the article Dr. Mercola wrote, found it again on the Internet and read it out loud to her brother, while sunbathing on the beach. He warned her to do her research on the subject and the conversation ended at that but the discussion stuck in the back of Tini’s mind until a seed was planted.

She decided this was what she really wanted to do after going over the specifics for the recipe and thinking about doing it for months (instead of rewriting this process its best to read it from the source).


The beginning…

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