Christmas Wreath

Live Sunrise Beach Yoga Prayer

I have always been enchanted with the Christmas wreath and its interpretation of, “eternal life”, meaning life continues without interruption. This circle of life flows in a circular motion sending out life and love and as Rumi states, “it is your “light” that lights the world. When we display the wreath, we are saying, I believe in my eternal light and I share the spectrum of my light throughout the world

Our yoga instructor of Live Sunrise Beach Yoga takes us on a journey of mindfulness of “being”, we are connected to, the endless sea of life. We chant our mantra with focus on “breath”, we let go and let God.

SIFSG Productions introduces to you yoga for health and wellbeing. We also have available our aromatherapy meditation eye pillow with the scent of lavender.

Join us online, and BE THE CHANGE.