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Yoga Boot Camp 21 day FaceBook challenge

By 21stCWD / November 19, 2019

Is it important to you to build a healthy energetic body? Would you see the value in an exercise schedule to help you lose weight, and feel strong in your body? Isn’t it about time you got started?! The answer is always YES YES YES I started Yoga Boot Camp for myself, really. I work…

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Live Sunrise Beach Yoga Prayer

Christmas Wreath

By 21stCWD / December 10, 2018

I have always been enchanted with the Christmas wreath and its interpretation of, “eternal life”, meaning life continues without interruption. This circle of life flows in a circular motion sending out life and love and as Rumi states, “it is your “light” that lights the world. When we display the wreath, we are saying, I…

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Family, A Beautiful Gift

By 21stCWD / December 10, 2018

Raising my family was a natural for me, and with the ups and downs, the nucleus is, LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY. We allow each family member to follow their dream and to be all they are meant to be, realizing their full potential. Love is at the core of relationships, we say I’m sorry, I forgive you,…

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The Art Of Listening

By 21stCWD / October 25, 2018

This article is brought to you by SIFSG Productions, and not to be mistaken with sfg productions. After my morning routine of yoga and moderate exercise I listened to Athena’ live sunrise beach yoga, I felt my day beginning to flow with the intention of, having an awesome day. My cardio and walking yoga gave…

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