Why Is Meditation Important?

Why Meditation Is Important

Ahh, take a deep breath, now, let it go and count to five. Can you feel yourself calming? What you just experienced is, a quick form of mental awareness. Your mind and body working together to find focus and healing. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting for long periods of time, the discipline of the mind comes with practice. We discover through breath,the chatter of the mind ceases and peace within takes over.
Calming of the mind can be done anywhere, it is your self awareness of how breath flows through the body and mind like calm waters.
SIFSG PRODUCTIONS introduces the third “eye”meditation pillow for a deeper sense of quiet. You become less distracted, and you are in the spiritual zone.
Mindfulness is a beautiful Gift Of awareness, you are in the present moment and nothing else matters. You are living in the now with divine presence lifting you into the realm of, BE STILL AND KNOW.

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