Is Yoga Really Good For Me?

Is Yoga Really Good For Me?

In these busy times we are living in, it is important to find a moment to reflect on quieting the chatter of the mind. The practice of yoga teaches the discipline of mind through breath and bodily postures that allows for relaxation and empowerment.

When we take time throughout the day, we become aware of how we can quiet our mind through breath, we align our thoughts to better thinking.
Mindfulness is what we practice in our Live Sunrise Beach yoga class. Our yoga instructor guides us into a state of well being and for just a moment in time, we rise our consciousness to the natural elements of wind and water and we find beauty in freedom.

Yoga brings to you, food for Spiritual awareness. Our message is health-care for mind and body. We practice the rhythm of breath and body movements, and we discover our connection with our highest good. We become the flow of the ocean’s wave, and we follow the direction of our peace, our calm, our wellbeing. In this realm, we are creating world peace through our thoughts, our words, our actions.

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