Just OM It T-Shirt


Feel confident wearing your inspirational ‘OM IT’ crew neck T-Shirt. You do not have to be a yogi or even do yoga to benefit from wearing this powerful tee.


  • Chanting ‘OM’ is the musical rhythm of the body, mind and spirit. ‘OM’ resonate with the healing energy we send out in the world. When sung OMMM we bring about manifesting all that is good in our lives, money, family and safety.
  • The ‘Just OM it’ T-shirt reminds us and others, that ‘When life knocks you down’, remember to ‘Just OM it’, taking the negativity out of your life. Express you fashion with this black and white design. Great for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday and a great gift idea.
  • Put the ‘Just OM It’ tee on and combine it with our ‘3rd Eye Meditation’ pillow for a comfortable relaxing getaway in your own home.

1 review for Just OM It T-Shirt

  1. C.C Severino

    Wearing my OMIT T-shirt reminds me I can change my negative into a positive by taking a deep breath and allowing the vibrational sound of ‘OM’ to release negative blocks. I consciously OMIT dark emotions to light.

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