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Would you like to just shut out the world and feel relaxed?
Is it possible to come home after a long days work, find that special quiet place and experience a stress free body?
Is there a product that can help you find peace in the body?
Introducing the ‘3rd Eye Meditation Pillow’
*need a nap, no problem
*need to meditate, why not
*want to just chill for a few minutes, let’s do it
The soothing lavender sent calms the mind
The light weight over eyes takes you to another dimension
The soft feels soothes the mind
For this special offer price you receive all those sensations and much more.
Offering three colors scented in lavender or Unscented
Length 7 1/2 in L X 3 1/2 in W X 1 1/2 in thick
Weighs approximately 139g 4.35oz .12kg
Material; Satin yellow, sage or teal
Offering Scented with lavender


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Gold, Sage, Teal

How To Use:

With the purchase of our 3rd Eye Meditation Pillow you will discover a peaceful rest that will energize your day.
-cool in freezer for headache and allergy relief
-before bed or if having trouble sleeping
-warm in microwave for comfort, only 8 seconds
-morning meditation lying down (when placed in freezer for 18 minutes reduces eyebags, or keep in freezer for the night)

Whether lying on the floor or staying in bed on your back, our 3rd Eye Meditation Pillow helps replenish ours bodies circulatory system and calms our nervous system.

Easy Meditation Technique
Lie comfortably on your back, place the 3rd Eye Meditation Pillow over the eye’s, breathe deep and long filling up the body like you would a balloon. Slow the mind chatter down by focusing on a healing white ball of energy at the base of your spine and follow the white ball of energy to the top of your spine breathing in, now follow the white healing energy ball to the base of the spine as you breathe out. Each time the mind wonders bring the visualization back to the white energy ball with your breath and continue the deep, long, slow breaths .

Give yourself a goal of 3, 8 or 13 minutes of meditation time each day. After 21 days of creating this positive habit, notice how many positive changes are happening outside of your body. All because you became this calm patient person inside.

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Dry clean ONLY or just wipe with some wet wipe sheet to keep sanitized and clean

ONLY spray lavender oil in the middle nose area where we placed the dot sticker which you will remove. Now place the 3rd Eye Meditation pillow over eyes on opposite side of spayed material. This prevents any allergic reaction.
IF lavender oil get in the eyes, flush out with water, up to 13 minutes.
If irritation continues, place oatmeal in sock, soak sock with clean water and place over eyes for 3-18 minutes, stay calm breathe deep, relax and you will feel burning sensation going away.

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  1. C.C Serverino

    In my daily rest periods I use my 3rd Eye Meditation Pillow for less distraction and soothing sensation

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