The Act Of Giving

hugs for healing

Five years ago, after the deaths of my husband and son, I underwent an emotional downward spiral. I was teaching at the time when I experienced the true act of giving by one of my students. When I least expected anything from anyone, my student reached out with kindness and love with just one hug. She embraced me with no words spoken. I knew at that moment, I was not forsaken, God’s love embraced me. My tears came later releasing my fears and anger and my healing began.

The act of giving of oneself, gives “hope”. By graciously giving, we receive abundantly, and the wonderful truth, that is our miracle and our gift in life.
In each “breath”, we are reminded of, the face of love comes in many disguises.

SIFSG Productions brings to you self-awareness Of who we are and what we can accomplish in this fast-paced world we live in. We are a family of friends and neighbors offering holistic healing and wellbeing through “breath”. We find our spiritual connection with the natural beauty around us. We discover our new awakening and our rhythm in life in the mindfulness of,”being”.

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