I lost my Baby Girl


Now you’re probably thinking this is going to be another sad story that could not be helped, and your right it is, but like every sad and heart breaking story there is a new understanding.

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This story begins several years ago when my Baby girl came into my life. My son Bryce was married to his first wife and as they were driving down to visit us at our Florida home they stopped off to see his friend from the Marine Core in Valdosta Georgia. Across the street from my son’s, friends house his neighbor had a litter of kittens and apparently they were not feeding these baby’s so one black little cutie wandered over across the street to my son’s wife and she picked her up and fed her. One thing led to another and they ended up driving 6hrs in the car with a scared little kitten to bring her home to me, and I named her ‘Baby’.

Baby played with our dog Max, he was so gentle with her (see fun kitten dog playing video tribute), Max passed away in 2015. I found her one time in the dishwasher playing around being silly like little kittens get. She loved to curl around my head at night when we slept. When ‘Smokey’ our other cat finally could tolerate Baby’s playfulness, they sometimes would sleep in those funny positions you love to catch your animals in photos. When we finally settled in our last house and celebrated our 3rd anniversary here Baby and I had our routine down to a science. My husband would usually wake up before me in the morning and let Baby into the house. We had to put both cats outside if we wanted any sleep at night, so I asked the angels to protect my fury kids and didn’t give it a second thought because I learned a while ago once you asked for something from your devine friends they always deliver.

So every morning either Smokey or Baby or both would come in for they’re breakfast and both in the house together would play cat and mouse making cat fight noises or go back outside to find another squirrel or rabbit to put at the front door, prize area.

If I’m in my home office my Baby girl would want a cuddle in my lap or to sit in the office chair, which I explained to her that we had to share, and after she got tired of us dueling butt space time, she would beg for a treat every time I stepped into the kitchen.

In the mornings I was treated to Baby watching Mommy put on her makeup time, or Baby would sit on Mama’s lap when she’s on the toilet time.
My favorite moments were when I was lying down on my back with my 3rd eye Meditation pillow over my eyes and meditating time. Baby would pop up on my stomach and purr and we would have our own special memory time.

Then one day Baby didn’t come home. I called for her everyday for 3 days, walking around the neighborhood. I posted her picture in the ‘next door’ online neighborhood watchplatform.
I posted her picture at the front of our neighborhood complex but only received sorry’s and one nice (not really) neighbor wrote, how awful I let my cats out at night to be eaten by the cougars or wild animals that sometimes roam free through our area. I could not stop them from going out if I wanted to.

Unfortunately I know this was a very real and likely possibility or that it was possible that a sick person takes black cats around Halloween time and do horrible things to living animals, and WOW! did I fall into that way of thinking as well. But then I remembered something the angels promised me that they would take care of my Baby girl no matter what. Just because she wasn’t with me didn’t mean she was not looked after.

I would not be able to tell you where exactly my Baby girl is, so I’ll tell you another story instead.

One night a little girl about the age of five was sitting in the dark looking out of her bedroom window with tears silently running down her face. Although it was night, she could see the moonlight glistening off the small lake in her backyard when all of a sudden she hears this crying baby sound coming from the garage area of her house. She quickly turns her wheelchair around rolls it to her bed table and pushes her emergency button for her parent’s room. They’re opening her door within a 30 seconds looking frantic at their daughter. Rosey rattles off, ‘please Mommy, Daddy get down to the garage, there is a baby crying’. The Dad runs down to find out what his Rosey is so insistent about and hears the crying coming from the side of the house by the garbage cans. There is a fence around the designated trash area per neighborhood association rules, so he opens the gate to find indeed a small animal all black crying like a baby. When he shines his flashlight down he discovers a very wet small black cat with no collar. Without thought the dad took off his nightshirt wrapped it around the small cat and took it upstairs to his little baby girl.

Rosey, stopped her frantic crying to her Mother when her Dad came in with the frightened animal and immediately held out her arms. The cat was squirming and scratching so the Dad was not sure he wanted to allow this creature to hurt his little girl, so he was reluctant but the look on her face somehow told him he better do something fast or she would throw a fit.

Somehow once the animal was in the little girls arms it stopped fidgeting. Rosey kept repeating over and over assurances, ‘it’s ok little one I’ve got you now everything is going to be alright, I’m going to take care of you so you will feel safe all the time’. Both parents just stood there staring at their daughter as she soothed this could be feral cat into a loud purring satisfaction.
You see just a year earlier Rosey was laughing and playing in her favorite tree house out in her backyard like any other child. After about an hour her Mother came to check on Rosey, finding her asleep or seemingly so, only to find her unconscious. Instead of calling 911 she rushed her to the hospital around the corner herself and after 3 days of all kinds of blood tests scans, x rays and MRI’s found out her little baby girl had brain cancer. For a year her little Rosey has been in and out of doctors offices and hospitals almost everyday, and just last week the sadness of her once happy precious girl set in and Rosey chose not to talk, smile or laugh anymore, that is until tonight.

So you see my Baby girl did not end up getting tortured by some sicko or killed by a wild animal, she ended up in the arms of little Rosey, a small child that needed her more than I did.

Athena Allen

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