The Aftermath Of Voting


The aftermath of voting depends on the reasons, why people vote. Voting in America gives us self expression whereas the individual’s voice can be heard.

The right to vote is your personal empowerment! I personally exercise my right to vote so that we the people will be heard. Respecting the differences whether Red or Blue, gives us a common ground. We are all Americans seeking the same results, living peacefully with one another. We may not have the same faith, we may clothe in different cultures with different languages but, as a people of this nation, we represent goodness and kindness.

We are the “flaming lightning “ that washes away darkness. We don’t just stop at the voting polls, become pro active in the issues that matter, learn your states representatives, they are the ones who give a bigger voice in Washington. The aftermath of voting can leave many people emotionally drained, step back from the emotions and use your “breath” to center and calm yourself, find your own destress. Leave the news alone, unplug.

Allow your self expression to come in the form of peacefulness, there you will find your own conscience shift, your alignment with, the God of your own understanding. In my daily yoga practice, I nurture my mind and body with “breath”. I OM the negative out and resonate with the energy and vibration of love. Our OM IT (OM) t-shirts are available through SIFSG Productions

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